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As part of the Dantzan Tzan Fest, Pauline Gervais will give a master class at the José Uruñuela Conservatory.

As part of the Dantzan Tzan Fest, Pauline Gervais gives a master class at the José Uruñuela Conservatory/ ALEX LARRETXI

Until this Sunday, the Baratza Hall celebrates a new edition of Dantzan Tzan Fest, an event focused on contemporary dance that began yesterday in Barrundia, and will take place today and tomorrow on the stage of Aldabe Square. The participation of artists in this event, also of international nature, is important and interesting, an opportunity that the Conservatory of Dance José Uruñuela wanted to seize to have a master class of the young and outstanding Canadian dancer Pauline Gervais.

Yesterday afternoon, the school gathered its third and fourth year students to share experiences, exercises, ideas and advice with the artist. Gervais offered a wide range of proposals to develop students' knowledge of contemporary dance. The José Uruñuela School has a tradition of offering this type of special meeting with leading artists, a way to have other points of view and knowledge with which the students can nourish their development.

For two hours, the Canadian dancer used the universal language of movement to capture the attention of those who shared an intense Friday afternoon with her. Of course, the performer still has much to offer during her visit to the capital of Alava. Today she will perform before the general public in Baratza, where she will offer three short pieces: Human Tripod, Herbert and Echo.

It should be remembered that Pauline Gervais is a promising young performer. Her visit to Gasteiz is part of the collaboration Euskadi-Quebec, after the visit of several companies from here to the Festival Quartiers Danses, of which the performer and creator is an associate artist. Today, she returns to the charge, not only to perform, but also to share her knowledge with the new generations present in José Uruñuela.

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